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When 123 ABC Media Company does business, it truly means business. And when dealing with business, 123 ABC Media believes only in one thing – that is, achieving success through hard work and dedication!

123 ABC Media is a humble company that prides itself on helping established and start-up businesses with their online media and lead generation needs. What sets us apart from our competitors is the way we treat our clients with great importance and respect. We understand the demands and needs of the companies we serve. Hence, we render all the best we have to exceed all expectations in terms of customer service and the value we provide to various organizations.
Contact us today to feel the 123 difference of a trustworthy company and you will see astonishing results right to your bottom line. We, at 123 ABC Media, look forward to serving you with unrivaled determination and utmost professionalism with the end-goal of helping your company climb up the ladder of success.


123 ABC Media is a competent digital company that believes in the capacity of businesses to accomplish greater revenue by expanding their presence online. With some of the most innovative and talented hardworking people in the industry, 123 ABC Media seeks to provide services to companies and organizations that will transform and bring their business to a whole new dimension. Our team of experts know what it takes to provide unrivaled web development, SEO, and lead generation services in the USA.
Our goal is to work with you to keep you ahead of the competition in your niche through our effective, ethical, sustainable, and result-oriented services. Through the aid of our local SEO services in Illinois, we have taken many companies to the next level, giving them the competitive edge they need in succeeding among their major competitors.


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All these services have been used to the advantages of our clients, providing them the best platform to gain more customers. With our commitment to satisfying our clients and eagerness to improve our services, we are the trusted company you need to experience impeccable services like never before.


Having worked with many clients giving them unparalleled lead generation, website development, and SEO service in Illinois, our founder, Scott Taylor, has the experience, expertise, and versatility needed to provide everyone with high-quality services. Scott experienced what most start-up companies and small businesses experienced – the challenge with how to generate more income via the internet.

Through Scott’s desire to break free from the age old common practice of hiring different “consultants” to find the best ways to increase internet rankings and revenues, he wasted no time in seeking a greater and better solution to improve business. He sought diverse approaches and learned from many experts in the online marketing world. However, Scott noticed something that most digital companies failed to take into account – the clients. While some of these digital companies were busy planning the strategies to undertake for their client’s business, they failed to ask the clients what they really need and what they desired to achieve.

In his desire to be different, to be more client-oriented, and to render the highest quality of services to clients and businesses, Scott decided to create his own company 123 ABC Media. Now he is helping small and medium businesses like yours to create that needed revenue and gain more customers via the internet.   Give him a call and you will see for yourself how much he cares about R.O.I.  You will be happy that you did.


As a company, we strive to be the best in various aspects. We value flexibility, transparency, consistency, responsiveness, and open-mindedness. 123 ABC Media is highly analytical in creating strategies that work and deliver positive results.

Being flexible entails having the understanding that every client and every company is unique. In the same way, their SEO campaign needs vary. 123 ABC Media is flexible in terms of the different strategies we undertake for every client and every business. Therefore, we do not offer one-size-fits-all services as we believe that the need of each client differs. We create customized services for each client, making sure our services are directly targeted at providing them what they need.

Being transparent is about letting all clients and companies know what we specifically offer and what we don’t. As a company, 123 ABC Media is upfront when it comes to services and pricing, successes and failures, and even feedbacks from previous clients.
Being consistent means fully dedicating our focus on the tasks, activities, and goals. 123 ABC Media is a company you can rely on to stay engaged and completely focused without distractions. We guarantee all clients and businesses to be there in every step of the way.

Being responsive means having the time to answer all queries and concerns. 123 ABC Media is available and reachable 24/7 to respond to our clients’ needs.
Being open-minded is about having the willingness to listen and search for new challenges or techniques to the present assumptions and situations.


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Despite the impeccability of our services, our pricing is affordable as we want to be the go-to company for anyone looking for search engine optimization, web development, and lead generation services in Illinois. We are reliable and we mean real business.


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